"The term sensitivity clearly belongs to every aspect of this album, from the approach of the compositions to the respective listening of each instrumentalist as well as the playing of each instrument. This particularly includes the exceptional finesse, miraculous cymbal tone ambience, and magical mood lighting of Buff Allen, who for being self effacing, may also be one of the most brilliant and powerful drummers and musicians in this idiom due to his exceptional sound perception, listening ability, musicianship, wealthy palette and his range, rather than volume. His limitless array of textures, articulations and colors make him totally unique at his instrument." -- Dr. Henri-Paul Sicsic, Pianist, Professor of Piano, University of Toronto;  March, 2007.

"...magnificent jazz drummer..."  -- Alex Varty, Georgia Straight, November 28, 2003

"A compelling but unobtrusive drive..." -- Globe and Mail

"This is the first time I've seen Buff Allen play drums live and it's like a splash of cold water to the face when you hear recordings of certain players forever and then you see them live and you think you know what they are capable of. Then you realize you've glossed over the main feature that makes them a great musician in the first place, the fact that they hold back so much of what they are capable of because it's always about what is appropriate for that moment in time, not about what they can do and then doing it whenever there is an opportunity just to prove that they can. Case in point, his cymbal work on Questar was subtly different than the work on the ECM original. It was more energetic, nailing more triplets on the ride cymbal and creating a more defined ahead-of-the-beat feel that created more needed tension than is evident on the Jarrett recording (mon dieu, you blasphemer you). This mild increase in tension enhances the compositional structure providing a bigger payoff as you approach the chordal resolution of the head. It's a detail that's not going to win Buff any downbeat awards but it's going to make the arrangement work so it's worth doing even if nobody ever picks up on it. C'est Le guerre. It's the same in art as it is in war. They call some people heroes and give them medals but everybody in the battle campaign knows surviving and helping your comrades to survive is the only truly heroic act." -- Maurice Boucher,, March 2011             © Buff Allen 2014